Who’s in the Pews

Have you seen our latest videos on “Who’s in the Pews?” Learn more about Hope and the people who worship there by clicking the link below: Steve Hall Sherry Ousley    

Crosswalk Ministry

The Evangelism Commission sponsors a program called “The Crosswalk Ministry.” This program is an effort to reach out to our neighbors at Spicewood Elementary School. Each Wednesday afternoon a table is set up on the crosswalk that links our parking lot with Spicewood Elementary School. Treats are given to the children and information about programs […]


Learn more about an education program for family, partners, friends and significant others of adults living with mental illness. It is held by National Alliance on Mental Illness Austin (NAMI) at Hope on Monday evenings beginning March 20. To find out more or to register go to http://www.namiaustin.org/education/family-to-family/

Singles Fellowship

Join Hope singles at La Madeline (14028 N. US Hwy 183 Austin, TX 78717) Saturday, February 25 at  10:00 a.m. for food and fellowship.  This is open to all singles and meets on the fourth Saturday of each month at La Madeline. Other events are planned on additional dates also.  Join the fun and bring […]

Prayer Shawl Ministry

If you knit or crochet consider being a part of the Prayer Shawl Ministry. Many hearts and hands are needed to keep a supply of shawls, lap blankets, etc. to give out to those experiencing life’s joys and sorrows. If you have friends that like to knit or crochet invite them to be a part […]