Church Leadership – The Session

As Presbyterians we believe that the Holy Spirit works best in the church through the will of the people as represented by its Elders. Persons elected as Elders serve together on the Session, the governing body that oversees the mission, ministries, and governance of Hope Presbyterian Church.

Elders need to be spiritually wise, committed primarily to following Jesus Christ as his disciples, and open to change and the fresh breezes of the Holy Spirit, which gives the church vitality and new opportunities to do God’s work in our day. Each Elder serves a three-year term on the Session and provides leadership for one of the Commissions of the Session.

The following Elders, listed by Commission, serve on the Session of Hope Presbyterian Church:

Administration Commission
  • Sherry Ousley, Moderator  (2017)
  • Bob Abbott (2018)
  • Regina Schauer (2018)
Christian Education Commission
  • Jennifer Goocher, Moderator (2017)
  • Andy Polk (2019)
  • Kathy Gehman (2018)
Evangelism Commission
  • John Seamon, Moderator (2019)
  • Dale Zinn(2017)
Fellowship Commission
  • Mary Kuenstler,  Moderator (2018)
  • Carolyn Wyatt (2019)
Hope Children’s Center Commission
  • Teri King, Moderator (2019)
Service Commission
  • Steve Bennett, Moderator (2017)
  • Brian Haulotte (2018)
  • Kirk Hogue (2019)
Stewardship Commission
  • Bill Floyd, Moderator (2017)
  • Mary Dulaney (2017)
Worship & Music Commission
  • Charlie Harrison, Moderator (2018)
  • Roger Bolen (2019)
Clerk of Session
  • Marie Baker (2020)
  • Linden Welsch (2019)
  • Sharon Wharton (2017)
  • Bill Albrecht (2018)
  • Matt Ray (2019)