Giving Through Bank BIll Pay

billpayHope Presbyterian Church is now accepting contributions that are made through your bank’s bill payment services. You can make all of your Hope Presbyterian donations this way. The Church will provide an annual statement showing the contributions you have made to the different funds (Operating Fund, Generation to Generation Fund, Music Ministry, etc.).

For many that are homebound, elderly, traveling, out of the country, in the military, etc., this is an easy way to make your Church contributions. This is also a very convenient way for all members to make contributions and at no cost in processing fees to the Church.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Contact your bank (either in person or via their website) to set up bill pay services.

2. Follow the instructions below to set up your bill payment:

In order for your donations to correctly post to your desired categories you must set up separate bill payments for each category to which you wish to donate. For example, if you would like to make an Operating Fund donation and a donation for the Heartbeats of Hope Fund, you must setup a bill-payment instruction named “HOPE PRESBYTERIAN-Operating” and a separate one named “HOPE PRESBYTERIAN-Heartbeats of Hope”, etc. on your banks’ bill payment system.

During the bill pay set up, your bank will ask for the address and telephone number of the church. Please use the following address for all of the donations categories listed above:

Please input this address EXACTLY as it shows here:

11512 Olson Drive
Austin, Texas 78750-2606
Phone: 512-258-9117

The bill payment service cannot send your donation to the Church electronically unless the address for the church is identical to the one listed above.

3. Make your contributions.

4. Review your semi-annual statements received from the Church to verify the contributions are recorded accurately.