Walk to Emmaus

The next men’s walk will be April 27-30 at the Eagle’s Wings Retreat Center in Burnet.

Walk reservation forms and information can be found on the Emmaus bulletin board across from the Hope Office. Scholarships are available.

Walk to Emmaus Testimonials:
“The Walk to Emmaus is a wonderful step in one’s faith journey, definitely a turning point in mine.  Much of my experience will be difficult to put into words, but I can tell you that it was during the 3 days of my walk that I truly saw God’s infinite wisdom and felt the power of his amazing love.  The Walk to Emmaus can be an unbelievable experience, one that no one should miss.”

“I could never have imagined the peace that was so graciously and lovingly given to me by our Father.  It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

“I resisted going on an Emmaus Walk for a long time, but realized during the course of the retreat that I was on God’s time, not my own, as he spoke to me through the other pilgrims, and gave renewal to my commitment to serve the Lord, to glorify him.”

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