Holy Communion

Ohope_tablen the first Sunday of each month, members and guests of Hope Presbyterian Church gather around the table of the Lord to celebrate the gift of Holy Communion.

This is the Lord’s table; all who are faithful in Christ are welcome. In the Presbyterian Church, “faithful” means all the people who confess their faith in Jesus Christ and have been baptized into the community of Jesus Christ. This includes baptized children and youth who are being taught the Word of God and nourished by faith through their families.

In worship through the sacrament of Holy Communion, God offers us Christ’s love. Gathered around the Lord’s Table, we receive the power of Christ, the ability to give ourselves completely to God and to our neighbors. Having received the sacrament of bread and cup, it’s up to each of us to carry this love into the world so others may benefit from the graces and gifts that God gives us.