Associate Pastor for Youth & Young Adults

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Mission Study

Vision: Invite all to worship God, grow in faith, and follow Jesus by serving others.

Mission: We are a Matthew 25 Church.  Jesus taught us to be a servant by being a servant himself. As he healed the sick, washed the feet of his disciples, and befriended the outcast, Jesus showed us how we are to treat others. With this in mind, our church has committed ourselves to being a Matthew 25 church. In Matthew 25, Jesus says to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, welcome the stranger, clothe the naked, heal the sick, and visit the imprisoned. The Presbyterian Church (USA) launched a mission initiative embracing these six acts of righteousness with a commitment to build congregational vitality, dismantle structural racism, and eradicate systemic poverty, and our session enthusiastically adopted this mission. As a Matthew 25 church, these are our commitments.

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Ministry Information Form (MIF)

The Associate Pastor for Youth & Young Adults oversees the entire educational formation for all persons entering 6th grade through their mid-thirties.  The Associate Pastor is called to use her/his gifts to enrich the Christian education opportunities and to encourage, educate and enable people within the community to grow in faith.  She/he coordinates, develops, and maintains educational activities for youth and young adults.

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Personal Information Form

We are accepting applicants for the Associate Pastor for Youth and Young Adults position. Applicants may submit their information via


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Associate Pastor Nominating Committee

Search Timeline

  • (12 Sept)APNC elected by the congregation
  • (17 Sept)Mission Study approved by Session/COM
  • (14 Oct)MIF approved by APNC/Session/COM
  • (20 Oct)MIF posted to Church Leadership Connection
  • (Currently)Receiving Personal Information Forms (PIFs)
  • Interview process begins
  • APNC extends a call
  • COM examines and approves candidate
  • APNC presents candidate to congregation for approval
  • Candidate is formally installed by Mission Presbytery