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Meet the Rev. John Leedy

Rev. John Leedy is a lifelong Presbyterian, originally from Houston, TX and has served as a Teaching Elder for the past 10 years as an Associate Pastor and as a youth ministry worker for the past 18 years.

John holds a B.A. in Youth & Family Ministry from Abilene Christian University, an MDiv. from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and is expected to graduate with his Doctor of Ministry degree in Christian Formation and Liturgical Theology this coming May of 2022.

He lives in northwest Austin with his wife and pastoral colleague, Rev. Krystal, along with their almost 6 year old daughter, Lorelai (yes, as in Gilmore Girls) and almost 18 month old daughter, Theodosia (yes, as in Hamilton).

What John does for fun: camping, hiking, cooking, running and strength training, playing bagpipes and djembe, fishing, art and set building, driving my truck, gardening.

How John celebrates Sabbath rest: walking labyrinths, reading, listening to music, praying the Benedictine Daily Office, contemplative silence, and naps in the backyard hammock.

What the Leedy family enjoys doing all together: cooking, board games, playing and doing crafts with the kids, one minute dance breaks, walks around the neighborhood with our dog, Cricket, and swimming.

Rev. Leedy’s


I pray for the youth of the church every day. I delight in walking alongside them on this adventure of faith formation. I get choked up every year on Rally Day when I hand the rising sixth grade students their first youth t-shirt and again on Graduate Recognition Sunday when we bless the futures of our graduating seniors. I am so grateful that my life’s work is filled with laughter and play, exploration and struggle, weeping and dancing, awkward moments and honest conversations. Youth ministry is a wonderous calling where I feel fully alive in God’s purpose and in the service of Jesus Christ as a youth worker.
Rev. John Leedy